Machine Polishing

We offer a range of paint correction and enhancement services to remove swirl marks, random scratches, and contaminate damage. Here is a small sample of our work (work-in-progress).

This Volvo had plenty of swirl marks, random scratches as well as rub marks on the tailgate from a bicycle carrier. We performed a two-stage polish which vastly enhanced the paintwork restoring depth and clarity.

The lacquered carbon fibre roof on this BMW M3 had swirls, a few scratches, and etching from bird deposits. We performed a three-stage polish and sealed it with a ceramic coat to restore to showroom condition.

The owner of this classic Peugeot 205 GTi asked if we could make good these wiper arms. So, we removed them, prepared, and re-sprayed.

The new owner of this rare limited edition Subaru WRX contacted us to see what we could do to enhance the paintwork. It was evident someone had had a go at machine polishing and introduced holograms/ buffer trails into the paintwork. We corrected in a single stage using a diminishing compound.