BMW M3 Spoiler and badge removal including a stage 2 polish

So, here we have an E92 BMW M3; the 4.0 Litre V8 one. This is one of our customer’s cars and has had quite a bit of work done. We have it for the next few days to undertake some more work on it. Today we are replacing the OEM spoiler with a new carbon fibre one, as well as replacing the M3 badge with a new black one. As we are going to do a full paint enhancement on this car we decided to do a stage 2 compound and polish on this panel as it will be easier with no spoiler or badges to worry about.

Application of gentle heat and a plastic scraper soon sees the old spoiler removed.

However, lots of double-sided sticky tape to remove.

Removing the adhesive took a while.

All Adhesive removed. However, it became apparent that the original paintwork had some oxidisation and a ridge had formed at the prior edge of the spoiler. See photo below.

It was at this point we decided to do a full stage 2 on this panel. The replacement spoiler is of a different design and this ridge would be visible in places.

We took around 20 paint thickness readings and an average of 166 micron ascertained, and a lowest depth of 131 microns. All good.

Panel compounded and machine polished. Position of spoiler ascertained and guide marks applied. You will also notice we sneakily removed the M3 badge but not before taking exact measurements and documenting as the owner wants this applied in its OEM position.

Spoiler fitted. Next the M3 badge

We applied a hybrid nanotech polish to the panel to protect the as new paintwork.

The owner, is a purest and like myself thinks this car would look much better by replacing the few bits of chrome with carbon fibre or black to continue the white and black theme of this car.

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